Get Fit Meal Prep: 

Healthy Cooking, The Next Level

The Get Fit Meal Prep will not overwhelm the client with strict healthy eating but show the client how they can incorporate the healthy eating into their everyday diet by not completely eliminating the foods they enjoy . The goal is to show clients how eating healthy can be quite pleasurable and fulfilling but the long term goal will be to help them feel good, increase their energy , and reduce the risk of cancer and disease. The two main focuses of the Get Fit Meal Prep services is to offer clients healthy alternatives to the foods you already love and offer a time saving technique, less time in the kitchen means more time focusing on your life! This is a private client meal prep service that is customized to fit the clients pallet and dietary needs!

Kitchen Parties:

Cooking is Fun!

Eating with other people has numerous social and emotional benefits and allows you to model healthy eating habits. Guests at a Kitchen Party are mingling and socializing. Guests will chew their food slowly allowing them to savor every bite. Sassi Catering wants to reconnect the customer with the joy of eating! Sassi Catering will come to the host party site and prepare an entree of your choice. Guests can participate with the preparation of meal or just watch! A complimentary appetizer or signature cocktail will be provided. Also will offer meal prep sessions to show the basics of meal prepping, shopping healthier, & incorporating healthy alternatives while cooking!

Private Chef Services:

A Night to Remember

Anniversary? Birthday? Are you planing to propose? Sassi Catering will come to the site of choice and prepare a menu decided by the client and serve as if you were in a Fine Dining restaurant. This service is excellent for anyone who may not quite have the culinary capabilities to prepare a home cooked meal but wants something special for that special someone. Sassi Catering offers a variety of menu's that will sure to tantalize your taste buds. Try something new! Choose from a variety of meals or create your own menu! Also,  a great alternative for dinner for out of town guests or let us prepare and serve your Holiday Brunch or Dinner! Enjoy your family and friends and let Sassi Catering take care of the rest!

Intimate Event Catering:

Sharing Private Moments

Sassi Catering will serve Intimate parties with fresh foods that are available at food markets and groceries. Sassi catering will offer a variety of menu items , from traditional favorites to creative inventions. All of the food and drink items served will be uniquely catered to each individual client.

TYPES OF EVENTS: Wedding Rehearsal Dinners, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Intimate Birthday Dinners, Intimate Birthday Parties, Grand Openings, Open Houses, Fundraisers, and more intimate events!

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